Using the mind-body

connection for your optimal fertility

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A nurturing, solution-focused service when struggling to conceive or stay pregnant


When it’s proving difficult to have the baby or babies you long for, it can be so painful, frustrating and lonely.  I am so pleased you have found Fertile Mind and Body and I offer you my 18 years of experience in the field of fertility and my non-judgemental support AND solutions.  

As you look through my website you will see the many ways that I help women use the influence of the mind-body connection to achieve their optimal fertile state.    I want you to move from a place of despair – to calm confidence – to motherhood.  

It is my sincere hope that a mind-body approach will be the missing piece in your fertility jigsaw.

Alison x 

About us working together

I want you to feel confident that I am the right person for you.

When your path to parenthood is difficult, I understand that ANY investment (of your time, money, hope and emotion) needs to have value.

Read more about me and what to expect from our work together at Fertile Mind and Body.

Let’s do this!

If pregnancy is your intention, then I will support you to achieve your optimal fertile state.  This gives you the very best chance of conceiving (whether that is naturally or through IVF).

Our time together is also about you feeling understood and supported.  You will feel more in control, more optimistic and better able to cope with those situations that currently hurt you.  Life will no longer be on hold and you will feel that things are finally moving forward in your desired direction.    

 Click here to find out more about the Fertile Mind and Body programs that I offer.

Fertile Mind and Body freebie

There is so much that you can do to achieve a healthy mindset and boost your fertility.  When you regain a sense of control you can transform the way that you experience your fertility journey.

Here you can download a Fertile Mind and Body freebie that you can use in your own home.

Did you know that use of hypnosis during embryo transfer increases IVF success rates?


A study by Soroka Medical Centre, Israel, found that use of hypnosis during embryo transfer achieved a pregnancy rate of 53% compared to 32% in regular IVF cycles


Did you know that good therapeutic support can double pregnancy rates?


A study at Harvard Medical School measured what happened when women who were having difficulty conceiving were given therapeutic support.  The women were taught how to identify negative thought patterns and separate truth from fear.  55% of the women who participated in the study had a baby, compared to 20% who received no therapy


Everything I do at Fertile Mind and Body is informed by:

  • Robust clinical evidence
  • The latest scientific understandings of the mind-body connection

Read my blog for support, tips and information

“IVF: All You Need to Know, the ultimate guide to success”

This fabulous new book hit the shops (and Amazon) today! I am so honoured to see my name in print amongst world experts in the field of fertility.The chapter that I contributed is called "Prepare Your Mind to Prepare Your Body".  It is jam packed with...

Why doesn’t this website have testimonials or pictures of your clients’ babies?

I am a registered member of The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and this prevents me from using testimonials for marketing purposes.  ‘Success stories’ can inspire (and there are many truly inspirational stories that I could share with you) but I recognise that stories of other people’s ‘success’ can also hurt.  

Why doesn’t UKCP allow testimonials?

UKCP views testimonials as unethical for a number of reasons.  They can be misleading because no two individual’s circumstances are the same and so a particular outcome for one individual cannot be guaranteed for another.  Testimonials can also be falsified, edited and presented out of context.  In reality, who ever takes the time to check they are true? The use of testimonials also poses a potential breach of confidentiality because the Advertising Standards Act requires all testimonials to be traceable. 

 Why are you a member of UKCP?

Many people are surprised to learn that both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are unregulated professions.  This means that anyone can call themselves a hypotherapist or psychotherapist and practice with little or no training without breaking the law.  

UKCP is the ‘gold standard’ in psychotherapy and registration is necessary, for example, to work in the NHS or for private medical insurers such as BUPA and AXA.  Full registration requires 4-7 years of UKCP approved training and evidence of a minimum of 4-years supervised clinical practice.  There are many other requirements (on an ongoing basis) to maintain professional standards.  

So whilst I cannot post client testimonials, I hope that my UKCP registration assures you of my high ethical standards and the length and quality of my clinical training and experience. I have chosen to work hard to achieve registration with a reputable professional body and I have developed my successful practice largely through word of mouth recommendations.

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