It is my pleasure to offer you a fertility boosting freebie


Life is stressful and we all experience some level of stress most days – or every day.  Struggling to conceive, or stay pregnant, is a huge stressor on top of the every day “stuff”.  I hope that you will download my free audio – a fertility boosting freebie, that will benefit you in so many ways.

The fastest “fertility fix”


The quickest way to boost your fertility is to STOP the flow of FERTILITY REDUCING HORMONES in your body.

Stress is part of modern life and we all experience stress, to varying degrees, every single day.  When stressed the body produces hormones that REDUCE YOUR FERTILITY.

If you want to conceive, you want to turn those hormones OFF – and this fertility boosting freebie will help you do this.


Think of it like turning a computer “off and on again”


When your computer isn’t functioning well, the simple act of “turning it off and on again” resolves a whole host of glitches.  Your body needs this too!

Most of us have heard of the stress (or “fight or flight”) response.  We hear less often about its opposite – the relaxation response.  The relaxation response is an actual physical thing… (it is not just a matter of putting your feet up in front of Netflix!).  When you TURN THE RELAXATION RESPONSE ON, a whole cascade of beneficial things happen in your body.

This audio will turn your stress response off and your relaxation response on.


The immediate benefits of turning on the relaxation response



1.  Your central autonomic nervous system will shift into parasympathetic mode

In parasympathetic mode:

  • Your body stops pumping out stress hormones
  • The biochemistry of your body gently returns to pre-stress levels
  • Attention is turned to healing, balancing and replenishing
  • Your mind-body system gives priority to bodily functions that are not essential to survival in an emergency: your immune system, your digestive system, your skin and of course your REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM


2. Hormonal changes:
  • You stop releasing adrenalin.  This is beneficial because adrenalin inhibits the production of progesterone, which is essential for building and maintaining the lining of the uterus
  • Your body stops releasing prolactin.  Prolactin is the same hormone that is released to stimulate lactation (breast feeding).  It is the hormone that reduces fertility when breast feeding (not helpful to have nature’s contraceptive when trying to conceive!)


3.  Think, feel and behave differently:
  • When you turn on the relaxation response you stop “thinking” from the amygdala (limbic system).  The amygdala thinks in extremes, it is the “anxious” part of our brain
  • Your lovely, rational, calm and measured front cortex is now in charge of your thinking
  • You automatically think more clearly, feel more in control and make better choices


Benefits of using this audio regularly


  • Regular use of this audio changes the biochemistry of your body.  There is less “build up” of stress hormones.  Because of this your mind-body system will find it easier and easier to shift into relaxation mode.  Think of it like walking through a cornfield.  The first time you walk through that corn it’s hard work as you have to tread down all the corn to create a pathway.  The more often you walk that pathway, the smoother and easier it becomes.  Over time you will find it easier and easier to “switch off” when you need to and return your body to pre-stress levels quickly and easily


  • The functioning of your ovaries and uterus will improve.  With regular use of this audio your nervous system will no longer be hyper stimulated and so your body will be sending more blood to the uterus and ovaries, on a daily basis, which supports their optimal functioning


  • Your menstrual cycle is supported to regulate.  When stress is ongoing there is a constant “stop… start… stop… start” situation, in terms of the flow of reproductive hormones.  Regular use of this audio is conducive to a healthy, regular menstrual cycle

Other benefits of listening to this fertility boosting freebie…



  • Oh the bliss of replenishing rest and relaxation.  Stress is so much part of life that we don’t always notice just how stressed we are.  A stressed state becomes our “normal”.  It feels SO GOOD when we properly relax.  It really is like you’ve “turned the computer off and on again” and EVERYTHING functions more smoothly


  • Improved health and sense of wellbeing.  It is not just your fertility that benefits from regular relaxation.  Your whole mind-body system gets the “re-boot” it needs.  My clients report things like better sleep, more energy, fewer colds, better digestion and regular menstrual cycle to name just a few


  • A calmer mind.  If you have a demanding schedule or struggle with a busy mind that plays worries on loop it can bring such relief to feel calm, still, comfortable and in control.


  • Feeling more confidence and trust in your body.  This audio includes gentle, hypnotic suggestions that will restore confidence in yourself and in your body.  If your fertility journey has been difficult or long, you may have found yourself losing hope that “it” will ever happen for you.  With regular use of this audio, you will notice that you feel more confident about your ability to conceive.


You will feel so much better


As important and beneficial as relaxation is – this fertility boosting freebie aims to achieve more than relaxation alone.

This recording includes carefully chosen, and gentle, hypnotic suggestions to build confidence and a sense of wellbeing and optimism.  With regular use, you will begin to notice that you feel better and are responding more positively to life’s challenges.


A few final points:


  • You will receive instructions on safe and best use of this audio with the download
  • This audio is safe at any stage of your menstrual cycle or fertility treatment cycle
  • This audio is appropriate even if pregnancy is not your aim (it’s appropriate for men too!)



I hope you enjoy it…



This fertility boosting freebie is an opportunity to experience hypnosis and relaxation.  Obviously it can’t quite match a personal hypnotherapy session which is tailored to you as an individual and your specific goals.  However, the hypnotic techniques in this recording have been very carefully selected to ensure its content is widely indicated and beneficial.


You can download your fertility boosting freebie here.  I hope that you enjoy it.


With my best wishes


Alison x


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