Foundations of Fertility program

This program is for you if…


  • You really, really want to have a baby


  • It feels like everyone else’s life is moving forward and yours is stuck on hold


  • Other people’s pregnancy announcements upset you and sometimes you avoid certain people, situations or conversations because it hurts you so much


  • You have no idea why you’re not getting or staying pregnant because all the tests come back fine and you’re doing all “the right” things


  • There’s this “thing” that you worry might be affecting your fertility.  That “thing” might be anxiety, negative thinking, an emotional block, a painful past experience, insomnia, digestive problems, a medical diagnosis or an issue with eating or drinking


  • It really frustrates you that your strengths (like being organised or working hard) don’t seem to get you any closer to your dream of having a baby


  •  You’re fed up and it’s getting harder and harder to keep doing “all the things you should do” to help you get pregnant or stay pregnant.


  • At times you lose hope and doubt “it” will ever happen for you.  You’ve done so much research but nothing seems to change your situation


  • You really need to know that you are doing EVERYTHING you can to increase your chance of having the baby you long for.


The above statements are just a selection of the types of things that my lovely clients say when we first speak on the phone.  If any of these words describe how you feel, Foundations of Fertility is the right program for you.


In a nutshell “I get it”


This program pulls together more than 18 years of experience.   Six years of working professionally to support women (and men) through their fertility journey.  Five years of studying psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and mind-body therapeutic interventions.  And prior to this, 9 years of personally living “the infertility and IVF rollercoaster” myself, before finally becoming a Mum.


I know how hard it is when it’s taking longer than you hoped – or proving more difficult than you ever imagined – to have the baby or babies that you long for.  I understand just how important having a baby is to you and just how painful it is when that dream feels out of reach.




Foundations of Fertility is designed with “you” in mind


Because of my personal and professional experiences, I understand that ANY investment of your time, money and hope really must count.


I know that you need support that feels relevant and useful.  You will have experienced a lot, been through a lot and researched a lot before you come to see me.  I know that you don’t want to spend time and money being told what you already know.


You are busy and need a program that is flexible and gives you control over how much or how little support and intervention you need.  And also, you don’t want to be judged for the times that you “mess up” or the things you’re doing “wrong”.  It’s hard to keep going and I understand that.


You need evidence that a mind-body program will help you!


We are not just a body – we are mind and body.  Your chance of conceiving and experiencing full-term pregnancy is increased when your mind and body work in harmony.   There is robust, clinical evidence showing that mind-body programs increase rates of successful pregnancy.


Mind-body programs increase rates of natural conception


Dr Alice Domar, who is Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, is a world expert on the mind-body connection for fertility.  She has led pioneering research into the effectiveness of mind-body programs for infertility patients.  In one study, Dr Alice Domar found that:

Women who participated in a mind-body program had a 55% take home baby rate, compared to just 20% in the control group (women who had comparable fertility issues and who did not take part in the mind-body program)





IVF success rates are higher with mind-body programs


Dr Alice Domar, led a study that included women having their second IVF cycle.  The study found that:

Women who did the mind-body program had a 52% take home baby rate, compared to 20% in the control group.


A study by Soroka University Medical Centre, Israel, researched the effectiveness of using hypnosis during IVF treatments.  The results showed that:

Using hypnosis during embryo transfer, obtained 53% clinical pregnancies, compared to 32% in regular cycles 


I have full confidence in my Foundations of Fertility program


In today’s world we all want a “quick fix”.  But over the years of doing this work I have come to understand that for the best results, it is so important to put a firm foundation in place first.  Investing in a strong foundation saves time, energy, heart ache (and often money) in the long run.  And for many people this “investment” is only a matter of weeks anyway.

In all my years of doing this work, there has not been a single case where we’ve failed to identify factors that can be resolved, changed, controlled or influenced to boost fertility and increase chance of successful pregnancy.

I am confident that when you work with me you will feel listened to, understood and supported.  Furthermore, I am confident that you will complete this program feeling it was totally worth it.



Are you interested?


Read more about what this program includes below.

You will see that this program is divided into two phases, which offers you choice and flexibility.  You may find that phase 1 of this program is all that is necessary for your needs.  Or you may choose to engage in deeper resolution work and complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this program.   You don’t need to decide this in advance, simply begin with phase 1 and decide later how you wish to progress. 

Phase 1

Foundations of Fertility offers you safe, confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic support with a focus on establishing clear goals and a firm foundation for your desired outcome.  On this program you will experience therapeutic mind-body techniques and receive resources to support your ongoing progress at home.

Phase 1 includes:
  • Getting to know each other:  1 x 30-minute FREE consultation by telephone or online video call
  • Getting started:  Information giving and gathering so that we get maximum benefit out of our time together (includes videos, questionnaires and other resources)
  • Moving things forward:  1 x 90-minute session in person or online
  • Agreeing a plan:  A summary of your identified way forward towards optimal fertility
  • Bringing it all together:  1x 60-minute hypnotherapy session tailored to your individual needs (in person or online)
  • Staying on track:  Your personal bundle of goodies including a self-care tool and hypnotherapy audio, to help you stay motivated and on track



By the end of phase 1 you will:

  •  Feel supported, listened to and understood
  • Have new insights into your fertility and feel more in control
  • Be clear on what changes can be made to increase your fertility
  • Understand the role of the mind-body connection in your fertility
  • Be equipped with mind-body tools that you can use at home to support your autonomic nervous system for optimal fertility
  • Have a clear plan for your way forward to optimal fertility
  • Feel that things are positively moving forward


How much does it cost?

The cost of phase 1 is  £300 (£325 for appointments after 6pm and at weekends)

What next?

On completion of Phase 1 of Foundations of Fertility there are three options open to you:


  • You feel informed, resourced and motivated to continue on your own from this point


  • We identified issues that would benefit from deeper work and you choose to continue onto phase 2 (see below)


  • You want to master your use of the mind-body connection and progress onto my Achieve Your Optimal Fertile State program.  This program teaches you mind-body techniques to enhance and optimise the key stages of your menstrual cycle (if wanting to conceive naturally) or your IVF cycle.


Whichever option you choose, you will have achieved a good foundation for fertility and feel that things are moving forward at last.

Phase 2

This phase of Foundations of Fertility offers you high quality therapeutic interventions to resolve issues identified in phase 1.  We aim to ensure there are no ‘mixed messages’ or conflicts in the signals between your mind and your body.   We restore balance where needed so that your mind-body messages are aligned with your hope and intention to have a baby.


Phase 2 includes:

  • 2x 60-minute therapy session in person or online (a fusion of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching or specialist mind-body interventions as required)
  • 1 x personal hypnotherapy audio
  • 1 x self-care tool to maintain progress
  • Further sessions on an as needed basis*


How much does it cost?

£180 (£200 for appointments after 6pm and at weekends).  *Further sessions as needed are charged at £75 per 60 minutes (£80 for appointments after 6pm and at weekends)


More about this phase:

You are an individual and there is nobody quite like you.  However, you may find it helpful to get a sense of the different issues that I have supported my clients to resolve:

Known or tangible factors:

These are things that you recognise as potentially affecting your fertility, but you have struggled to resolve on your own.  For example:  weight management, eating disorders, body image issues, habits or addictions, poor sleep or insomnia, stress, work overload, relationship or sexual difficulties, menstrual issues and health issues (for example autoimmune or inflammatory conditions).

Limiting beliefs:

Beliefs feel like facts – but they are not.  Limiting beliefs like “I just know something is wrong with me” or “I’m destined not to have a child” cause ‘mixed messages’ between mind and body as they conflict with your desire to have a baby.  Beliefs can be changed.

Negative or unhelpful thinking styles:

How we think affects how we feel.  Scientific advances now show us how our thoughts can also influence our physical responses, including those related to fertility.  Negative thinking can become a habit and habits can be changed.

Emotional wellbeing:

Things like other people’s pregnancy announcements or ‘milestones’ like birthdays or anniversaries can hit hard when it’s taking longer, or proving difficult, to have the family you long for.  Interventions to support emotional wellbeing can transform the way that you experience your fertility journey.

Trauma and past hurts:

Painful past experiences can leave imprints that continue to affect our present.  These imprints are often unconscious (outside our awareness) and can negatively influence our beliefs, coping capacities, physical and emotional wellbeing and our fertility.  Past hurts impacting on your fertility may include childhood or adult experiences, past terminations, miscarriages or negative experience of childbirth.

Fears and phobias:

Thinking about starting a family (or having a second child) can evoke feelings of uncertainty, anxiety or distress.  Sometimes these fears are concerned with ability to parent, perhaps stemming from your own difficult experiences as a child.  Some fears are more specific (such as fear of miscarriage, fear of childbirth, fear of needles, hospitals or medical interventions).


By the end of phase 2 you will feel:
  • That something important has changed or ‘shifted’ in terms of your fertility (or how you are coping with your fertility journey)
  • More in control
  • Motivated
  • More hopeful, optimistic and confident of your fertility


It can bring such relief to know that your mind and body are working in harmony and that you really are doing all you can to increase your chances of having the baby you long for.


What next?

At the end of this program you may choose to move onto my Achieve Your Optimal Fertile State program.  Or you may feel suitably informed and resourced to progress on your own.  Whichever option you choose, you have my support and best wishes.  You will have made positive changes and achieved an excellent foundation for fertility.  Things will be moving forward at last.


I'm interested! ...What do I do now?


Just pop your details in the form below, send me a message and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time for your FREE 30 minute consultation.

I really look forward to us working together and doing all that we can to get you where you want to be!


Alison x

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