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In stressful times you may long to ‘switch off’ and experience replenishing rest and relaxation.  This can be difficult to achieve if you have a demanding schedule or struggle with a busy mind that plays worries on loop.

After stress, it is important to support your body to return to pre-stress levels.  This has benefits for psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing (and for fertility).

This relaxation audio will help you trigger your body’s natural relaxation response


Relaxation is not simply a matter of putting your feet up or doing relaxing activities.  True relaxation is an actual physical thing.
The body has something called the relaxation response. This is the opposite to the stress response (or what we often call the ‘fight or flight’ response).


When the body’s relaxation response is activated, the autonomic nervous system shifts into parasympathetic mode


In parasympathetic mode:

  • Your body stops pumping out stress hormones and turns on relaxation hormones
  • The biochemistry of your body gently returns to pre-stress levels
  • Your mind-body system turns attention to healing, balancing and replenishing all those parts of the body that are not essential for survival “in an emergency” – such as your immune system, your digestion, your skin and of course, your reproductive system.


Give your mind-body a break!


Your mind and your body work so hard for you.  This gentle, guided relaxation will help you to trigger your relaxation response and give your mind-body system the break that it needs.

This free resource is an opportunity to experience hypnosis and relaxation.  Obviously a personal hypnotherapy session is tailored to you as an individual and includes personalised therapy to help you achieve your goals.  However, the hypnotic techniques in this recording have been carefully selected to ensure its content is widely indicated and beneficial.

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