Living with fertility problems is stressful


Most people would agree that having fertility problems is stressful.  Fertility issues can ‘seep into’ every area of your life.  You might notice a negative impact on your relationship, your finances, your friendships, your lifestyle, your self-confidence, your trust in your body and your whole sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

It can feel like there’s a shadow over you, affecting everything you do.



There is always something to remind you of your fertility problems


It can be hard to have ‘time out’ from fertility problems when there is always something to remind you of what you are going through.   If it’s not the effort of trying to eat, sleep and live “perfectly” all the time – it’s the disappointment of getting your period yet again.   Or else it’s the strain of smiling through (what feels like) the ‘hundredth’ pregnancy announcement this week.

It can be particularly frustrating if you’re the sort of person who likes to fix things


It’s hard not to feel fed up and hopeless when nothing you do seems to change your situation.  Getting pregnant can feel like the ONE THING you can’t achieve through effort or hard work.

A high state of stress can become your ‘normal’.

When fertility problems go on for a long time you are living with the many different stressors associated with trying to conceive on a daily basis.  In this way, stress can ‘creep up on you’ and it’s easy not to notice just how very stressed you are.

People in your life may notice


Partners, friends, family or colleagues may notice that you are stressed and try to be helpful by saying something like “just relax and it will happen”.

This ‘advice’ not only adds to your stress, but can also be very hurtful because it fails to acknowledge your pain and the facts of your personal situation.  There may be a medical diagnosis for example, or other issues that you are well aware of (but this ‘helpful’ person is not).

Many of my clients say that being told to “just relax” leaves them feeling judged and blamed for being stressed.

Stress is not good for fertility, but please……..

Don’t stress about stress


In the first session, many of the women who come to see me are stressed about their stress levels.  My heart goes out to these women because things are already hard enough without the added burden of ‘stressing about stress’.  Please don’t blame yourself for being stressed because living with fertility problems is hard.

Yes, there are very clear scientific explanations of how stress impacts on fertility.  But (and this is a big BUT) I want to reassure you that fertility problems are rarely, if ever, due to one single factor.

Furthermore, the great thing about stress is that this is a factor that can be changed to improve your fertility – whatever your circumstances.

My freebie to help you restore balance


One of the most rewarding parts of my work is seeing my clients leave stress, worry and anxiety behind and move into a place of calm confidence.

With all that you are going through, I understand that ‘relaxing’ is sometimes easier said than done.  It is my pleasure to offer you this free audio to help you experience relaxation and replenishing rest.  This gentle recording is suitable for any stage of your fertility journey and includes soothing words to support your mind-body system to restore balance where needed.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in reducing stress, worry and anxiety because the state of hypnosis itself promotes the body’s natural relaxation response.

We hear so much about the ‘fight or flight’ or stress response and much less often hear about its ‘opposite’ (the relaxation response).  But the relaxation response is an actual physical “thing” whereby the central nervous system shifts into parasympathetic mode.  This audio aims to support your body to do this – and this is very beneficial for fertility and your sense of wellbeing.

I hope that you enjoy this audio and find that it supports your whole mind-body system to restore balance where needed.

Click here to get this free audio


With my very best wishes


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