It can be difficult to hear that stress reduces fertility


What a “catch-22” – fertility problems are stressful and stress reduces fertility.

I can help you to free yourself from the “catch-22” of fertility stress.  At Fertile Mind and Body, we take a “deep dive” into the mind, body and lifestyle factors that cause you stress. A lot of stress is “internal”. Our unconscious beliefs, thinking styles and patterns of behaviour trigger the stress response and put our body in a state of “emergency”.

With the right support, you can make positive and powerful changes that transform your fertility health.

Change comes from awareness


If you are someone who wants to do everything possible to increase your chance of having a baby – you will appreciate honesty.

If you can boost your fertility by changing something – you want to make that change, right?

Stress levels are something that can be changed. With the right support you can dramatically reduce your stress load and have your mind-body aligned FOR FERTILITY

The information below is offered so you understand HOW stress reduces fertility.  Information is power because change comes from awareness.


How stress physically reduces fertility:

The hypothalamus (in the brain) regulates both the stress response and the sex hormones


Humans are not like frogs. We don’t lay eggs and then carry on with life, leaving our embryos to develop alone. We quite literally need to be there. The environment needs to be safe and conducive to 9 months of pregnancy and many years of intensive nurture.


It is not “by accident” that the same part of the human brain regulates the stress hormones and the reproductive hormones. When the stress signal is alerted, the hypothalamus responds to this “emergency” by orchestrating changes to the stress hormones and reproductive hormones.


I find it helpful to imagine the hypothalamus like a light switch. A light switch can be switched to the ‘on’ position or the ‘off’ position. So too, the hypothalamus can be switched to the ‘stress’ position or the ‘reproduction’ position.
Of course, in reality, the hypothalamus is capable of simultaneously organising stress hormones and sex hormones. Some people do get pregnant when stressed and so it is not a clear-cut case of “either/or”. But stress reduces fertility.

The body releases adrenalin when stressed


Adrenalin inhibits the production of progesterone, which is essential for building and maintaining the lining of the uterus.  In this way, stress reduces fertility.


During times of stress the body emits high levels of prolactin


Prolactin is the same hormone that is released to stimulate lactation (the secretion of breast milk). It is the hormone that reduces a woman’s fertility when breast feeding.

You don’t want “nature’s contraceptive” whooshing around your system when you’re wanting to conceive.


Excessive stress


When stress is excessive, it can lead to anovulation, irregular menstrual cycles and even complete suppression of the menstrual cycle.

Refer again, to the above point about the workings of the hypothalamus in the brain. Excessive stress can “stop/start/stop/start” the flow of reproductive hormones which is not conducive to a regular, healthy menstrual cycle or natural conception.

Excessive stress also presents challenges to conceiving through Assisted Reproductive techniques such as IVF.  The body’s natural response to stress is to suppress ovulation and inhibit the building and maintenance of the uterus lining.  In this way the natural bodily process are working in conflict with the medications used during IVF.


Chronic and prolonged stress


When stress continues for a long time, the nervous system is hyper stimulated.  A hyper stimulated nervous system sends less blood to the uterus and ovaries which impairs their optimal functioning.  Stress reduces fertility.


Please don’t blame yourself for feeling stressed


When under stress, it can be difficult to learn that stress reduces fertility.

Please read my previous posts (if you haven’t already) so you understand that I am not offering this information from a position of judgement or blame.  Fertility problems are stressful.  I’ve been there and know from personal experience just how painful and stressful fertility problems can be.


You can free yourself from the “catch-22” of fertility stress


I am passionate about supporting those struggling to conceive to transform their fertility and have the baby or babies they long for.

You will find lots of tools and resources on this website and I am also available to work with you in person or online.  I am here to support and help you.

Download my free audio


It is my pleasure to offer you a free relaxation audio that supports your whole mind-body system to return to pre-stress levels.

Reducing your stress is one of the most beneficial and empowering things you can do for your fertility.

I hope that you enjoy this audio and please know, that I am also here for you if you’d like one-to-one support.  We can work together in a more personal and targeted way to reduce your stress and optimise your fertility.


With best wishes

Alison x

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