I think almost everyone who is struggling with infertility would take a pill that could increase chance of pregnancy.  Sadly, there is no such pill.  But clinical studies show that mind-body programs for fertility can almost double “take home baby” rates.


A world expert on the impact of mind-body programs for fertility


Dr Alice Domar, who is Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, is a world expert on the mind-body connection for fertility.  She has led pioneering research into the effectiveness of mind-body programs to increase chance of pregnancy for infertility patients.



Mind-body techniques increase rates of natural conception


In one study, Dr Alice Domar found that women who participated in a mind-body program had a 55% take home baby rate, compared to a 20% take home baby rate in the control group*.

*The control group did not participate in the mind-body program and included women with comparable infertility issues.



IVF success rates are higher with use of mind-body techniques


A second study, led by Dr Alice Domar, researched the impact of a mind-body program on women having IVF.  All of the women taking part in this study were having their second IVF cycle.

The study found that the women who did the mind-body program had a 52% take home baby rate, compared to just 20% in the control group**

**Women in the control group did not participate in the mind-body program.



If there was a pill that would double “take home baby” rate


The research detailed above is in the public domain and yet many women struggling with infertility are not aware just how powerful the mind-body connection can be for fertility.  Dr Alice Domar has these wise words:

“Look at the data that I’ve collected over my career, on the impact of a mind-body program on fertility rates in infertility patients.  Pregnancy and ‘take home baby’ rates pretty much double.  If you had a pill that did that?  Every infertility patient in the country would take that pill”.

When I was struggling to conceive myself, I absolutely would have taken that pill (if it existed).  Fortunately, I discovered a mind-body approach to fertility and for me, this was the missing piece of the jigsaw.  I want this for you.

Fertile Mind and Body is the service that I wish existed when I was struggling to conceive.  If you want to read more about me, why I do this work and my qualifications and experience, you can do so here.



The importance of ethics


Dr Alice Domar is a world-renowned expert and I have particular respect for her because of her ethical stance on infertility.  She maintains that the mind is one of many things that contribute to infertility.  Other factors, such as environment, genetics and lifestyle, are also relevant to fertility health.

I absolutely agree with Dr Alice Domar.  At Fertile Mind and Body I run an ethical practice that takes a broad view of fertility and my work is informed by robust clinical evidence.  I work to understand which of the factors (that contribute to my clients’ fertility challenges) can be changed.  We then work together to achieve those changes.

As a UKCP registered psychotherapist, I am required to adhere to a strict code of professional standards and ethics.  This is why you will not see testimonials or false promises on this website.  Every individual’s circumstances are unique.  One person’s journey is not your journey.  My approach is not a “one size fits all”.



The missing piece of the jigsaw


For some women, a mind-body approach to fertility really is the missing piece of the jigsaw.  Fertility health can be transformed by:

• Reducing stress
• Resolving fears, emotional blocks and negative thinking styles
• Achieving a motivated mindset for making positive lifestyle changes that influence egg quality and chance of conception
• Teaching mind-body techniques that regularly shift the autonomic nervous system into parasympathetic mode for optimal fertility
• Using the mind-body connection to ensure neural signals between mind and body are aligned for pregnancy

Of course, for some women, there are factors that cannot be changed and which contribute to their fertility challenges.  But it is important to understand that these women also benefit from a mind-body approach to fertility.  When you bring all factors, that can be changed, up to an optimal level – you still increase fertility.  In this way, a mind-body program will still increase chance of pregnancy.



Your mind is a valuable tool to increase chance of pregnancy


Dr Alice Domar says:

“Just as the mind is one of the factors contributing to infertility – the mind is also one of the most important tools that can be used to combat infertility”.

I absolutely agree with the above statement and this point of view is at the very heart of my Foundations of Fertility Program and Achieve Your Optimal State program.

On these programs I teach you HOW to use your mind effectively for your fertility.  I support you to harness the power of the mind-body connection.  Together, we take a deep dive and work to change what CAN be changed and positively influence what CAN be influenced.



Everyone has the potential to achieve their optimal fertile state


Being in your optimal fertile state will increase your chance of pregnancy and give you the very best chance of having the baby you long for.

If you would like to explore how a mind-body approach could help you, I guarantee you a warm welcome and would love to hear from you. You can contact me here

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With best wishes


P.S, If like me you are inspired by Dr Alice Domar’s work, you can watch a video of her here

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