When struggling with infertility it is common to have thoughts such as “this IVF will fail” or “I won’t get pregnant this month”.  We do this to protect ourselves from disappointment and I completely understand this way of thinking because I used to think this way myself.

But it is a faulty strategy.  Firstly – it does not protect from disappointment.  And secondly – it sends unhelpful messages to your body.


If struggling with infertility, the images in your mind are like the postcode in a “satnav”


Your unconscious mind tells your body the desired destination – and your body responds to this signal.

I know this can sound “wacky” and “out there”.  But scientific advances are discovering more and more about the power of the mind-body connection and how to harness it for your health, wellbeing and fertility.

For example the famous study at Harvard Medical School which found mind-body programs doubled the rates of pregnancy and “take home baby rates” in infertility patients.  Mind-body communication is to do with neuropeptides.  Neuropeptides are little molecule messengers that translate thoughts and feelings into physiological responses.

If your thoughts are consumed with “infertility” and “failure” then this is the direction that your “satnav” sends your body .


What you are thinking and feeling is very important for your fertility


It can be hard to hear this, because struggling with infertility is such a difficult journey.  But fertility hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you.

The part of the brain largely responsible for mind-body communication is ‘non-verbal’.  Its language is imagery – not words.  Fertility hypnosis is powerful because guided visualisation supports you to create change at an unconscious level and generate imagery that is aligned with your HOPES – not your fears.


Fertility hypnosis puts the correct postcode in your body’s “satnav”


Fertility hypnosis can help align your mind-body communication with your hope and desire to have a baby.  I would love for you to be giving yourself the best chance of having the baby you long for and I can teach you how to harness the full potential of the mind-body connection.

For a gentle introduction to guided visualisation you can download my free audio here.

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If you are interested in the research at Harvard, click here.


With my best wishes

Alison x

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