Support when you need it

At times we all need support and our friends, partners and family cannot always provide the kind of support or understanding that we need.  It is also sometimes our friends, partners or family that are the source of our pain.  A therapeutic relationship offers an objective and non-judgemental space with your best interests at the centre.




If you are struggling with an issue that may benefit from psychotherapy or hypnotherapy you can contact me here.  For more detailed information, you may find it useful to visit the website for my hypno-psychotherapy practice:  alisonleverettmorris.co.uk




If you are struggling with infertility (or related issues such as pregnancy, childbirth or parenting) I understand that the two programs that I offer (Foundations of Fertility and Achieve Your Optimal Fertile State) may not be right for you and your circumstances.   


Over the years I have supported many women, men and couples through tough times.  This list is not exhaustive, but I hope it gives you a sense of the range of issues I have experience of working with:


  • Coping with miscarriage and loss / fear of future miscarriage
  • Doubts about ability to parent / struggles with parenting / post-natal depression
  • Support after failed fertility treatment
  • Exploring different options to parenthood
  • Making difficult decisions about the future
  • Accepting permanent infertility
  • Support and solutions to menopause and associated symptoms
  • Support and solutions to menstrual difficulties
  • Resolving past hurts and trauma such as abusive childhood experiences, difficult childbirth or medical experiences or past terminations
  • Relationship or sexual difficulties
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Fears and phobias




Therapy is offered in person or online, via secure video conference.



For existing clients (ie. those who have completed one of my fertility programs) 60 minute sessions are £75 (£80 for appointments after 6 pm and at weekends).  


For new clients* the rate is the same but the first session (90 minutes) is £95.


*Please note that I often do not have capacity to take on new clients, outside of my fertility programs.  However please do get in touch as I do sometimes have “ad hoc” hours available.  If I have no availability I will always offer guidance on finding an alternative therapist. 












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