Many people ask me “why hypnotherapy for fertility?”


There is a growing body of robust clinical research and evidence showing the benefits of hypnotherapy for fertility.  But some people are still sceptical about how hypnotherapy for fertility can help.

It’s a common misconception that fertility is “to do” with the body and hypnotherapy is “to do” with the mind.  In actual fact, hypnotherapy is the ultimate mind-body therapeutic intervention.  The state of hypnosis gives access to the very point that mind and body meet.

My approach to hypnotherapy for fertility:


The programs that I offer, at Fertile Mind and Body, aim to support you to achieve your optimal fertile state.  When you are in your optimal fertile state you have the very best chance of conceiving and having a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

There are many factors that contribute to your overall fertility health.  For example, lifestyle factors (how well you sleep or eat, how stressful your life is etc).  Genetic factors, physical health factors and environmental factors.  Also emotional and psychological factors, such as thinking styles and emotional responses and how these influence the signals communicated between mind and body.


Achieving YOUR optimal fertile state:


When in an optimal fertile state all of the factors that contribute to fertility are at the optimal level that is possible for you.

Some factors can’t be changed, of course we can’t change our DNA for example.  But many factors that contribute to your fertile state CAN be changed, controlled or influenced.

Every positive change that you make increases your fertility and ultimately brings you to YOUR optimal level of fertility.


10 ways that hypnotherapy for fertility could help YOU increase your fertility:


1. Hypnotherapy is NOT about you losing control. It is about you having MORE control.  Hypnotherapy can transform your mindset giving you the control to sharpen your focus, boost your motivation and awaken your confidence


2. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a mindset for success. You will have a more positive, optimistic and proactive approach to your fertility.  You have the mindset to make better choices and control lifestyle factors that may be affecting your fertility (such as alcohol, sugar or work load)


3. The hypnotic state gives access to your unconscious mind and enables you to influence the point where mind and body meet. Hypnotherapy for fertility can ensure that mind-body signals and communications are aligned with your intention to conceive


4. Hypnotherapy for fertility can resolve health issues that cause discomfort or strain on the body (which is not helpful for fertility). For example, hypnotherapy is very effective for issues such as insomnia and poor sleep, digestive issues and IBS, skin conditions such eczema, inflammatory conditions, pain, menstrual issues.  These health concerns can “flare up” when under fertility stress. Relieving issues such as these can restore mind-body balance and shift your body out of “crisis” for improved fertility


5. The unconscious mind (and body) hold memories of trauma and past hurts. Hypnotherapy for fertility can gently and effectively process and resolve past hurts thus removing emotional blocks which may be affecting ability to conceive


6. The hypnotic state triggers the body’s natural relaxation response and shifts the central nervous system into parasympathetic mode – which is very beneficial for fertility. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state. It is a safe haven in which you can reconnect with who you are which is both renewing and revitalising


7. Hypnotherapy for fertility can resolve fears and unconscious beliefs that may be affecting ability to conceive


8. Hypnotherapy for fertility can change unhelpful thinking styles such as excessive worrying, anxious thinking, ruminating, negative thinking or “worst case scenario” thinking.  These thinking styles exacerbate emotional distress and stress (which is not good for fertility)


9. Hypnosis is the ultimate state of mind-body awareness. Hypnotherapy for fertility can restore confidence and trust in your body at an unconscious, as well as a conscious, level.  This ensures that all mind-body signals are in harmony with your hope and intention to conceive


10. The unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.  In a hypnotic state, you have access to the unconscious mind. It has been clinically proven that fertility specific hypnotic suggestions can increase chance of conception. For example, a clinical trial by Soroka Medical Centre found that pregnancy rates doubled when hypnosis was given at the time of embryo transfer during IVF


I am so passionate about helping people understand how they can increase fertility:


The above 10 points are just some of the ways that hypnotherapy for fertility could help you.

My programs offer the ultimate in flexibility.  I don’t do “off the peg” because every single person has a unique set of circumstances.  When we work together, we explore and understand the full picture of YOUR fertility health and circumstances.

I offer hypnotherapy in Oxford.  If you live too far away we can work together online.  I use Vsee, which is like Skype or FaceTime but is an NHS approved platform, which is secure and fit for therapeutic purposes.  All that you need is good wifi.

In our work together, my primary focus, and area of expertise, is psychological factors and the realms of mind-body communication.  But lifestyle and physical health factors are also very much included in our work together.


Small changes can bring big changes


If you choose to work with me, we will identify where and how we can make small changes that could make a big difference.  Our mutual aim is for you to achieve your optimal fertile state as swiftly as possible.

During our time together, you will also be given a range of mind-body tools, techniques and resources so that you can maintain the positive changes on your own.



Short and sweet – or as long as you need!


If you choose to work with me, our time together may be brief.  Often, just 3 or 4 sessions is all that is necessary to restore mind-body balance for your optimal fertility.

If you prefer us to work together for longer, this is also fine.  For some people the path to parenthood can be long.  I am here for you as long as you need and for as long as is useful and beneficial.

I am also here, if you are struggling with a complex combination of emotional, psychological, physical or life style factors and circumstances.  For many of my clients, the pressure and strain of trying to conceive has exacerbated pre-existing issues.  These can be things such as eating disorders, anxiety disorders, traumas, difficult medical diagnoses, relationship difficulties, health conditions such as eczema or IBS or processing the experience of miscarriage and loss.

As a trained, and UKCP registered, psychotherapist I am both qualified and experienced to work with a broad range of complex psychological issues in addition to offering hypnotherapy for fertility.


I am so passionate about supporting anyone who is struggling to conceive


There are so many ways that you can use the power of your mind-body connection to boost your fertility.  If you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of having a baby then I would love to help you achieve your optimal fertile state.

I offer hypnotherapy for fertility in person (in Oxford) and also online via secure video call.  I use Vsee (which is a secure, NHS approved, video call that is like Skype or FaceTime).

Find out more about my fertility programs here or send me an email and I will help in any way that I can

With my best wishes

Alison x

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