Fertile Mind and Body is here!


I offer you a warm welcome to Fertile Mind and Body.  Fertile Mind and Body is here because I believe that the pain of infertility is either misunderstood or underestimated.  Often it is both.  Put simply, when it’s proving difficult to have the baby or babies you long for – it really hurts.



Fertility problems can impact on every area of your life


Living with fertility problems can affect your relationship, your finances, your physical and emotional health, your friendships, your lifestyle, your self-confidence, your trust in your body and your whole sense of self-worth.  Problems with fertility can also be incredibly frustrating – particularly if you’re the sort of person who likes to fix things.  If you have achieved success in other areas of your life, through effort and hard work, it can leave you feeling hopeless and fed up when nothing you do seems to help your situation.




It can feel as if your life is on hold


The longer that fertility problems go on, the more it feels that your life is stuck on hold.  At the start of our time together, many of the women that I work with describe feeling stuck and upset that everyone else’s life seems to be moving forward without them.  Feelings such as this can compound the sense of failure and isolation.  With good therapeutic support it is possible to regain a sense of control and optimism for your future.  Knowing that you are making a positive changes to your fertility can release fears, tension and worry and make such a difference to how you experience your unique fertility journey.




I understand how much this means to you


Personally, I experienced many, many IVF cycles, over a 9 year period, before finally having the child that I longed for.  I understand just how much having a baby means to you.  And because of this, I understand that ANY investment (of your time, money and hope) has to be of value.  It really must be worth it because there is so much at stake.




You deserve the best


Through Fertile Mind and Body, it is my intention to offer an exceptionally high-quality service to those living with fertility problems.  You deserve this.   And so, in addition to providing therapeutic support, Fertile Mind and Body is very much about finding solutions.  It is my hope that together we will find the missing pieces in your fertility jigsaw and that you will have the baby or babies you long for.




Fertile Mind and Body is new – but I’m not!


I launched Fertile Mind and Body in March 2019.  But I am not new to field of fertility.

On a personal level, I experienced almost a decade of fertility problems and treatments.  Just like many of the women that I work with now, I did a LOT of research into how to boost fertility.  I experienced numerous IVF cycles and many ‘complementary’ therapies.

Professionally, I am an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, registered with UKCP, NSHP and Fertile Body Method.  In addition to my private therapy practice, I teach and supervise student hypno-psychotherapists for The National College of Hypno-Psychotherapy.  National College is one of only three UKCP accredited hypnotherapy colleges.

I set up Fertility Oxford (a specialist fertility hypno-psychotherapy service) in 2013 and some of you will know me through Fertility Oxford.  In 2019 I changed the name of my practice to Fertile Mind and Body.




Fertility Oxford is closing – and Fertile Mind and Body is born!


I feel that Fertile Mind and Body is a fresh new name that better describes what I do.





Fertile Mind and Body draws on many years of experience


Over the past 6 years (through Fertility Oxford) it has been such a joy to support so many women and couples to become parents.  Fertile Mind and Body draws on all the experience that I have gained, both personally and professionally.  In preparation for launching Fertile Mind and Body I have read, re-read and read again, the many emails, letters and cards that I have received over the years from my clients.  I have gone through my clinical notes with a fine tooth comb and been on many a long walk to reflect on my work.

Fertile Mind and Body pulls together all the ‘bits’ that have really made a difference to the women and couples I have worked with and is an ethical and evidence based service.

If you are serious about increasing your chances of having a baby, then it would be my privilege to be part of your journey.




There is so much that I am so excited to share with you


In my next post I will share some of my own story and why I am so passionate about this work.  In later posts we will ‘get to work’ as I plan to share all that I know to help you experience the family life you dream of

With best wishes








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